Registration Fee

Duration of Registration

Regular Student International Rate

Additional Paper fee

Registration Fee

Early Registration

(Now – June 2, 2019)

5,500 THB

4,500 THB

170 USD

– 2,000 THB/paper for student

– 3,000 THB/paper for regular

– 100 USD/paper

for International Rate

Regular Registration

(After June 2, 2019)

6,000 THB

5,000 THB

200 USD

Registration Fee (Participants)

4,500 THB

3,500 THB

150 USD

Government officers will be reimbursed for the registration fees from their origins affiliation. The participation on will not be counted as leave days. (In case that registration fee has been paid, we will not resend the fee in all any cases, as the fee will be used for the operation expense.)


SWIFT CODE : KRTH THBK  (For Outside Thailand)
Account No: 459-6-00511-7

Note: If your manuscript pass to the evaluation process then either accepted or rejected to publish in Proceeding, the registration fee is not refundable.